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          Welcome to Guizhou Haifu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd!

          About Us
          Contact Us
          Guizhou Haifu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd
          Contact person: Mr. Liu
          Tel: + 860859-2213658
          Email: 823142472@qq.com
          website: www.viagrasuomi.com
          Address: Agricultural Industrial Park, Jingnan Town, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province
          Home:About Us
          Guizhou Haifu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a joint venture holding enterprise of Xingyi Wanfeng Industrial Trade Co., Ltd. in 2020, it won the honorary titles of "Xingyi agricultural products production poverty alleviation demonstration enterprise" and "Xingyi Guizhou goods out of the mountain key enterprise" awarded by Xingyi Municipal People's government. At present, it is the only konjac production enterprise in Xingyi City and even Guizhou Province that integrates konjac planting, primary and deep processing.
          Relying on the policy support and the good opportunities brought by the development of local natural resources and tourism, the company focuses on the research, production, development and application of konjac raw materials on the basis of konjac seed breeding and demonstration planting, konjac primary and deep processing. The company has built 2200 mu of konjac seed breeding demonstration base, which radiates 5000 mu of surrounding planting area, accounting for about 1 / 3 of konjac planting area in Xingyi City. The production capacity of konjac primary and deep processing equipment is very large-scale, with an annual output of 400 tons of konjac flour, 5000 tons of konjac bionic vegetarian and leisure food, and an annual output of 300 tons of konjac gum and purified powder. The konjac series products with "xingyishuang" brand registered trademark developed by the company are not only sold well in Guizhou Province, but also exported to Yunnan, Shandong, Guangdong, Hubei, Shaanxi and other provinces, and exported to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries and regions.
          Based on Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, the company actively responds to the national agricultural industrial structure adjustment, develops and promotes the cultivation of konjac, consolidates the poverty alleviation, innovates and extends the industrial chain, establishes supporting primary and deep processing plants, produces high-quality konjac dry chips, konjac powder products and konjac bionic vegetarian series products, and realizes the integrated development of the primary industry and the secondary industry.
          The company's cultural vision: "loyalty to the party, courage to innovate, good governance, promising, honest and clean"; Vigorously carry forward the "three colors" culture, namely red party building culture, blue enterprise culture and purple traditional culture.
          The goal of the enterprise is to cultivate an efficient and practical talent team, establish a scientific and standardized management system, build a first-class konjac enterprise in Guizhou, and strive for the development of konjac industry.
          Enterprise personnel concept: good character, good mentality, perseverance, down-to-earth, to learn to obey.
          Enterprise work style: "rigorous, harmonious, standard, efficient" as the work standard and goal requirements.
          Business strategy: promote "five management", institutionalization, procedure, refinement, standardization and standardization; Strive for "five first-class", first-class management, first-class benefits, first-class factory appearance, first-class staff quality, first-class social image.

          2021(c)Guizhou Haifu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd     Contact person: Mr. Liu  
          Tel: 0859-2213658   Email: 823142472@qq.com     website: www.viagrasuomi.com
          Address: Agricultural Industrial Park, Jingnan Town, Xingyi City, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province

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